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  • Kair

    Cairo is the capital and largest city in Egypt. It is also Africa's most populous city. The city is located in the north of Egypt on the banks and islands of Nile River. Cairo is famous for its own history, preserved in the fabulous medieval Islamic city. The biggest attraction is The Egyptian Museum with countless Ancient Egyptian artifacts. On the edge of the city you will find the Great Pryramids of Giza.

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  • Luxor

    Luxor is a city in Upper Egypt and is often called the world greatest open air museum. The city of Luxor consisting the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor on the east side of the Nile. On the opposite river side lie the monuments, temples and tombs which include the Valley of the kings, Valley of the Queens and the temple of Hatshepsut.

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  • Hurghada

    Hurghada is an Egyptian city and a tourist centre on the Red Sea. The city was found in the early 20th century, and since the 1980s it become the leading seashore resort on the Red Sea. Holiday villages provide aquatic sport facilities for sailboarders, yachtsmen, scuba divers and snorklers. Hurghada city is divided to the old part of town El Dahar and to the new modern part  Sakkala.

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  • Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm el-Sheikh is a city situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. It is popular tourist destination with one of the finest diving spots in the world and trip into the desert. Sharm el-Sheikh is also know as "The City of Peace" referring to the large number of international peace conferences that have been held here.

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  • Taba

    Taba is a small Egyptian town near the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba. It is located on Sinai peninsula where is the Egypt's busiest border with neighboring Israel. Taba is a frequent vacation spot and the northernmost resort of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera.

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  • El Gouna

    El Gouna is a tourist resert on coast of Red Sea. It is located 22km north of Hurghada. El Gouna specializes in watersports, including scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, waterskiing etc. There are two main beaches, Zeytuna Beach on its own island and Mangroovy Beach.

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